"Through-train" HK-UK Airport Transfer experience

CALL4VAN is now offering “through-train” service to fulfil needs of moving homes, taking care of your home-to-home trip in HK and the UK. We exquisitely selected the latest models of European LGVs to offer our passengers with a comfortable and pleasant journey. All of the selected vehicles come with enormous cargo spaces that are capable of handling plenty items and luggage. We promise transfer services provided in the UK are up to standards in HK, regarding to models of cars or cargo spaces, handling plenty items and luggage will never be a problem.
Your trip is assured by our professional support team. From HK to the UK, travel carefree and arrive at your new home for the brand new chapter of your life.


Seamlessly Lux Experience

The luxurious and latest models of Mercedes-Benz Vito and VW Transporter T6 are designated to provide you a safe and pleasant journey in HK that same as high-end 7 seater MPVs. In the UK, we also provide Ford Transit Custom for your safe and comfy journey apart from the above models in HK.


Fits-everything-in, too.

The cargo spaces of other public transports are incomparable with our designated vehicles. These vehicles offer cargo spaces of not less than 1.8 - 2m², simply fit in at least 12 pcs of 32 inch luggage or 12 Hongkong Post’s Multipack M4 boxes. We use a similar size vehicle between HK and the UK, if it fits in before boarding, it fits in after landing, too.

12 Luggages
5 Passengers

Comparing Services

  • One-stop HK-UK Service
  • No. of paxs
  • No. of luggage
  • One fare
  • ISOFIX car seat
  • Safe & Legal in HK #6
  • Safe & Legal in UK
  • Selected driver & vehicle
  • Robust supporting
  • JUMBO Lux
  • One-stop HK-UK Service Yes
  • No. of paxs 4 / 5 ppl. #3
  • No. of luggage Min. 12 luggages
  • One fare Yes #8
  • ISOFIX car seat Have
  • Safe & Legal in HK #6 Safe & Legal
  • Safe & Legal in UK Safe & Legal #9
  • Selected driver & vehicle Yes
  • Robust supporting Profressional
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  • LGVs
  • One-stop HK-UK Service No
  • No. of paxs 4 / 5 ppl. #4
  • No. of luggage ~12 luggages #5
  • One fare Reimbursement basis
  • ISOFIX car seat Depends on vehicle
  • Safe & Legal in HK #6 Safe & Legal
  • Safe & Legal in UK Not Applicable
  • Selected driver & vehicle Usually Not
  • Robust supporting Usually Not
  • 7-seater *
  • One-stop HK-UK Service Usually Not
  • No. of paxs 5 / 6 ppl. #1
  • No. of luggage 5 - 6 luggages #2
  • One fare Usually Yes
  • ISOFIX car seat Usually Have
  • Safe & Legal in HK #6 Risky & Illegal #7
  • Safe & Legal in UK Some Unlicensed
  • Selected driver & vehicle Depends on operator
  • Robust supporting Depends on operator

* We don't offer 7-seater service

#1 Depends on the vehicle, 5 or 6 passenger seats are the most common on the market

#2 Depends on the vehicle, no more than 6 of 32" luggage after carrying 3 to 4 passengers are the most common on the market

#3 We offer the most suitable vehicle upon your needs, all are a latest model of Benz or VW

#4 Depends on the vehicle, 4 or 5 passenger seats are the most common on the market

#5 Depends on the vehicle, 12 of 32" luggage are the most common on the market

#6 Take 5 passengers or less and carry 12pcs of luggage with an average weight of about 20KG as an example

#7 According to 374 Road Traffic Ordinance Section 52, 8: "No person shall without the permission in writing of the Commissioner — (a)drive or use; or (b)permit or suffer to be driven or used, a motor vehicle which is licensed as a private car for the carriage of goods the total weight of which exceeds 200 kg"

#8 HK service is a point-to-point service that the stated price included all necessary charges. UK service is a point-to-point service as well, the calculated price is based on the destination and the number of belongings, any changes could affect the price and the customer shall pay the difference in the UK.

#9 Our UK partner is a certified operator held UK Private Hire Licence (License Number: PHO418)

Professional and Reliable

Professional and Reliable
How to order

Order here with simple steps:

  1. Provide us with your travelling date, no. of pax(s), pick up address etc.
  2. Pay by credit/ debit card
  3. You will receive a confirmation call from us latest by next day
  4. Arrive at the pick-up location on time upon your day to travel
  5. Our drivers will assist you with the luggage, and off we go
  6. Inform us if any changes of flight, no. of pax(s) or luggage(s) after arrived the airport
  7. Arriving airport in the UK, driver will be waiting at the arrivals hall
  8. Onboard the JUMBO lux and head to the destination
  9. Arriving at the destination, wish you all the best.

Find us at “Live Chat” if any assistance is needed

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How to order
All-in-one offer*

(All prices stated in HKD)

InclusiveInclude HK airport terminal 1 parking fee

InclusiveHK service support ISOFIX safety seats (Seat not included)

InclusiveInclude UK airport Meet & Greet service

InclusiveInclude UK airport 60 mins waiting

InclusiveInclude up to 2 child seats for UK service upon request

InclusiveInclude all HK & UK necessary toll fees

InclusiveProfessional team to handle flight changes and provide advices

InclusiveProfessional driver assist in loading and unloading

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*Both HK and UK services are point-to-point services, adding any waypoint will incur additional charges (Including waypoint that inside airport area. i.e. Cathay City).
The calculated price of UK service is based on the postcode of destination, the number of passenger, luggage, and pets. An additional charge will incur after 60 mins waiting NOT due to flight delay at UK airport or after 30 mins waiting in HK.

Tips: How to choose safe and legal service?

Tips: How to choose safe and legal service?

"JUMBO Lux" Video